Hurricane Sandy Hits Toronto

Here in Toronto we caught just the tail-end of superstorm Sandy that tore apart the eastern seaboard of North America last week but enough to fell tree and cause havoc across the Greater Toronto Area. For our part the phones began ringing off the hook on Tuesday morning. Across the city we were hearing stories of trees that had landed on houses and cars or were left in precarious states, potentially endangering nearby people or structures. Powell is one of the few tree service companies in the GTA that are not only certified arborists but also offer 24 hour emergency service. While it was impossible for our team to accommodate all those seeking our services we did make an effort to triage the various cases and respond to the most urgent.

Our first call was to a home on Dufferin Street where a large oak had come down during the storm and landed directly on the front portion of the house. Our team responded promptly and our cabling experts had the tree removed and the family out of harm’s way in a matter of minutes. Although the damage to the home was severe and will certainly be costly we are thankful that none of the occupants of the home were harmed when the tree first came down.

See all the job photos below.

Powell Tree Services are available for tree-related emergencies across the Greater Toronto Area 24 hours per day.



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