Not Every Dead Tree Looks Dead

Powell Tree Services was recently called out to inspect a large tree on a residential property in Etobicoke. The property owners suspected the tree of being dead or dying and thought it was best to have us come out to check it due to it’s sheer size and proximity to not only their home but the home of their neighbours. A dying tree can be very dangerous so we ensured that we were on site to inspect the tree that very day. Despite the tree’s generally healthy appearance, it didn’t take our team long to determine that the tree was in fact dead.

The property owner had understandably grown attached to the tree and had hoped that we would be able to preserve the life of the tree. Saving the life of a tree is always a priority as arborists but when a tree is jeopardizing the safety of individuals we must of course let that take precedence. We lamentably explained to our customer that the tree would have to come down. As soon as we cut into the tree it was evident exactly why we had to make that decision and the cause of the trees death was laid bare. The tree was nearly completely hollow and being devoured by thousands of termites.

We’re pleased to say that we safely removed the offending tree and even more pleased to have received the following kind email from our customer shortly after completion of the project:

Dear Powell Tree Services,

Just wanted to send an e-mail to thank you for an amazing job. I was very impressed by your professional and honest approach in helping us with our dying tree. We really didn\’t want to let the tree go, but you reassured us that it had to be done. We really knew how right you were when the tree actually came down, seeing the termites and all the rot was confirmation of it being a sick tree and that we made the right decision . We really appreciate the urgency you put into taking the tree down with your same day service. We can now sleep peacefully knowing nothing dangerous will happen. We also wanted to complement you on the very professional, efficient, and courteous team that brought down our tree. It was our pleasure doing business with you and your team and will be highly recommending you and your services to everybody we know.
Thanks again for everything,



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