Powell Tree Services Responds to Emergency Call


Powell Emergency Tree ServicesWhen a family in Toronto recently had a limb break from a large tree in their backyard and land dangerously on power lines they realized that they needed the enlist the help of certified arborists to have the massive branch removed without endangering themselves, their neighbours, their home or the city’s power infrastructure. After attempting to reach five separate local tree service companies whose website’s claimed to offer 24 hour emergency tree services with no response, the family called Powell Tree Services. We answered their call immediately and recognizing imminent danger had our team on site within 24 hours.

Upon arriving at the scene our team went straight to work in assessing the problem and determining the most effective method of removing the offending limb while ensuring the safety of our customers, their home and preserving the life of the tree. In a matter of hours we had the branch removed and disposed of without any further damage and most importantly we had one more satisfied customer.

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