a photo of a tree branch being pruned

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Tree & Shrub Pruning is a horticultural practice that is performed in order to change the form and growth of a plant and is completed for any number of reasons including;

  • Reducing the height and reach of a tree
  • Removing diseased portions of the plant or tree
  • Removing storm-damaged and potentially dangerous branches
  • Removing obstructing lower branches
  • Shaping a tree or plant for aesthetic purposes.

Once you have determined the reason for pruning your tree or shrub you will be able to decide whether you feel able to complete the task yourself or hire a professional tree service.

In most cases small jobs, such as pruning a shrub for design reasons can be completed yourself whereas large jobs that involve removing branches from large trees, for instance should always be completed by a tree care specialist. One should never risk the personal safety of themselves or others for the sake of pruning a tree.

Professional arborist’s job is to keep a tree healthy and attractive by providing proper care. Proper pruning encourages growth, improves plant health, repairs damage and helps add aesthetic appeal to a tree.

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