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Our Services

a row of cut logs sit on the ground

Tree Removal

Tree Removal is precise and dangerous work and should always be left to the professionals so not to endanger nearby people or homes. Powell Tree Services has experience, equipment and know how to deal with the most precarious tree and shrub removals.

Tree Pruning

The pruning of trees and shrubs is needed not only for aesthetic reasons; in many cases pruning becomes necessary to remove deadwood which can invite unwanted pests or to remove limbs which are becoming unstable and pose a risk to nearby people or structures.

Emergency Tree Service

We are available 24 hours a day for emergency storm response. Our experts are well-equipped to handle the safe removal of felled trees or branches and will take all necessary photos required by your insurance company.

tree stump on the floor

Stump Removal

The removal tree stumps can be a major inconvenience when it comes to landscaping and they create the possibility for regrowth. Powell Tree Services has the proper equipment to grind out your stumps and ensure they don’t regrow.

Arborist Reports

Arborist reports are important to the municipal government to help determine which trees can be taken down without undue loss to the community. Arborist reports help provide information about the health and condition of specific trees.

Deep Root Feeding

Deep root feeding injects water, fertilizer and other nutrients directly into a tree’s root and is especially important to maintain the life of a tree after a long Toronto winter. Powell has the tools to keep your trees healthy into the future.

Why Choose Powell?


Powell Tree Services are fully certified and insured arborists, equipped with the latest technology and tools to provide solutions for all your needs.

Certified Experience

Our technicians are licensed arborists, and are qualified to work on both residential and commercial properties across the Greater Toronto Area.

Competitive Pricing

Powell Tree Services pride ourselves on our transparency and in offering our customers fair and reasonable rates across the GTA.


We take safety seriously. We are an I.S.A. Certified Arborist and we are fully licensed and covered by Workplace Safety & Insurance Board.

30 Years Experience

Powell Tree Services has proudly been serving the Greater Toronto Area for all of their tree services needs for over 30 years.

Great Support

Powell Tree Services an Old World quality of service to their customers. We remain available to customers past and present to address any questions or concerns.